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Our system gently and effectively works to bring the body back to optimal health. Just one 45-60 minute session with this treatment provides the physical equivalent of 450 sit-ups, leg lifts and bicep curls. In fact, a 45-60 minute session is the equivalent of a 5 hour session in the gym.  However, a client will not feel the kind of soreness and stiff muscles usually associated with this kind of intense workout due to activating the lymphatic system and draining the lactic acid from your muscles. Some people will notice an immediate change, however, a series of treatments is necessary to sustain and maintain these changes melt away inches and sculpt your body!

Tones and tightens muscles! Our Body Sculpting technology provides a 5 wave form sequences and complex series of pre programmed exercises that can be used to disperse and mobilize fat areas and tone muscles anywhere on the body as well as decrease and mobilize fat in certain areas. At the same time, it’s stimulating your lymphatic system to flush out accumulations of toxins and fluids especially those causing the build-up of cellulite and Increasing your blood flow and healthy circulation.


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Enjoy an array of services from the “Fountain of youth”. Whether you are looking to improve your appearance or just slow down the signs of aging, we provide face and body treatments in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Acne Oxygen

Service Amount say goodbye to messy crystals and scratching and say hello to cool, lush elegance! 

Starting at $65/ Treatment

Jet Infusion

The jet delivery system can deliver essential moisturizing to these deeper layers of the skin without the use of needles.

Starting at $65/ Treatment

Meso Treatment

This treatment takes you further into anti-aging therapies and also used to remove: Age spots, Scarring, Sun damage, Acne scars, Stretch marks.

Starting at $75/ Treatment

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I love visiting Paula and always have a great experience with my services. She explains how everything works as it’s being done and is very professional. Thanks Paula! I look forward to coming in again soon.

An awesome place. Super friendly and knowledgable staff. They make you feel at home. And answer all your questions. I won’t go anywhere else. Make your appointment today!  Thank you !

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