Cool Sculpting

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Who is a candidate?

The ideal individual for this procedure is within 20-30 pounds of their ideal body weight, you are maintaining or in the process of losing weight. This is because coolsculpting does not suck the fat out, or cause weight loss. It simply destroys fat cells your body needs to metabolize the fat or it will just get stored somewhere else.

The area to be treated is a fat bulge or something you could grab with hands and squeeze. The machine uses suction to pull on the fat and put it between two cooling plates.

We have a client who can’t work out because of a health reason and back problems. This helps a lot of clients who need treatments on a weekly bases, especially while using our other sources of weight loss.

How does it work?

Coolsculpting is used by cold energy to permanently destroy fat cells. Our coolsculpting machine works by pulling your fat bulge into the device that has two cooling plates. The fat is held by a strong vacuum. The cool plates are activated to the specific temperature where fat cells are vulnerable and die, therefore such as your skin, nerves, blood vessels, etc are fine.

Where does the fat go?

After the procedure, you will be the same size. As it takes a few weeks to shrink your fat, it’s actually held inside of cells, which are little tiny packages that enlarge and shrink as you gain and lose weight. During the treatment, 20% of the fat cells are killed, and they release the fat which is slowly absorbed over a few weeks. It’s important to know that this is not a weight loss procedure, however coming on a weekly appointment and using one of our pressotherapy infrared machine or medi-lift or smooth sculpting treatment will help with losing weight. You still need to eat healthy to keep the weight off, and to see real results.

Is it really permanent?

Yes, you typically do not grow new fat cells as an adult, and the fat cells are destroyed.

Is there any downtime?

No downtime is needed after the procedure

Who can perform the procedure?

The coolsculpt procedure is a medical device, and should only be performed by a licensed medical technician that has been trained and certified. We at endless beauty lounge are trained and certified upon the latest technology.

What will happen to my skin?

Your skin has the ability to expand and contract. Mild skin, laxity or droopiness will typically contract just fine. Your health care professional has the experience to predict what will likely happen with your skin. In most people, the skin just shrinks right along with the fat.

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